The IntelliZeum Kids-Our Solar System
The IntelliZeum Kids - Our Solar System animated short offers ESC Region 19 Head Start children a lesson about the solar system and planet environments. It also encourages children to reach for the stars by featuring Danny Olivas, a NASA Astronaut who was raised in El Paso, Texas. The animated short was produced by ESC Region 19 Head Start in partnership with NASA and Astronaut Olivas as an instructional guide for children visiting the IntelliZeum's Space Learning Environment. The video takes children on a mission to the moon aboard the space shuttle. Along the way they stop at the International Space Station to speak with Astronaut OIivas, who tells the children that he was raised in El Paso, Texas, just like them. Olivas guides the children through an exciting lesson about space and the planets. From the YouTube Channel:Head Start El Paso
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