Miss Mouton Part One

The story of a sheep

Miss_Mutton_photo_1“Mouton” is a French word meaning “Sheep”. The sheep in these stories are not French, but they acquired the surname “Mouton” through an ancestor many centuries ago.


Miss_Mutton_photo_2Many Years ago, a flock of sheep left the grass stubble, rocks and hot sun of the Southern Mediterranean. Their land had suffered the effects of wars and malnutrition. They needed richer pastures and a more challenging future. Thin, but stout hearted, they planned to emigrate. Some eight or ten brave rams and six ewes.


Together they climbed on board a cargo ship, turning their backs on security, tradition and thousands of years of history. They were taking the first steps towards fame and success and a life of comfort in the green fields, rain and cool of the North Isles.


Miss Mouton Part Ten
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