Miss Mouton Part Three
Mismutton1As he grew older, George Mouton made a childless marriage to a local ewe of a titled family. Prudence, his wife, was thin and angular, and wore horn-rimmed spectacles (for she was more than a little short-sighted).

She was very proper and well-mannered but never showed her emotions. She excelled in knitting and lace-making. She drank many cups of tea a day and always wore a shawl and mittens.

Miss_Mutton_p3_photo_2George was short and stocky and determined-looking. He had a rough but kindly manner. He smoked a pipe and wore a starched collar. In lieu of his status as a leader, he always wore a gold watch on a chain.
Miss Mouton Part One
The story of a sheep “Mouton” is a French word meaning “Sheep”. The sheep in these stories are not French, but they acquired the...
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