Miss Mouton Part Ten
Then Miss Mouton remembered an old ewe and her family, friends of Elly’s, that had lived in a nearby street. She congratulated herself, and skipped and tripped up the path to the creeper-clad cottage of Ethel- ewe.
Ethel-ewe was a mature old sheep; she spend most of her time sitting by the fire making lace, knitting and cooking. She was quite a lonely ewe, as her children had emigrated. She was thrilled to see Miss Mouton.
She immediately invited Miss Mouton to help herself to scones and jam and cream and lots of cups of tea.
Miss Mouton sat in a rocking chair by the fire and soon forgot all about being cold and lost.
Miss Mouton Part Six
One day Elly Mouton decided to send her daughter to the famed dancing school of Madame Fall-ova, a sheep who was a famous Russian...
Turbo through time a...
Some choky smoke exuded from the area round Quabita. Turbo ┬ásneezed, but he pricked up his ears and listened. Quabita continued, “I want you...