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Although the adventure is fiction, the scientific facts are true. “Turbo” is a real dog! From the sedate, gentle life near Wimbledon Common “Turbo” moved to live opposite the California Institute of Technology (Caltech). His daily walks on Campus made him quite a feature of the University where Zaqueline was working for IPAC -Infrared Processing and Analysis Center- a branch of NASA. The Infrared picture of the big sky and those sent by the ‘Voyager’ Satellite inspired this series of paintings and stories. “Turbo” is the hero who amuses and instructs.

Turbo is a lovable Yorkshire Terrier. Intelligent and temperamental, Turbo is determined to do things his own way even when it lands him in a scrape. When he is around Quabida (the Magic Meteorite) he is able to speak. Through the magic of the stories, written for children and young adults, the wonders of the scientific are impaired to the young minds.

The first book “Turbo and the Magic Meteorite” was published in the UK in 1992; under the auspices of the British educational system. First choice for children’s reading Christmas of 1992 BBC Television.
Launched on October 21st 1992 at the Hellenic College London, UK by Turbo himself.
It was welcomed by the primary schools and the Science Museums (both London and Manchester ) for its entertaining introduction to the Solar System. Within a fictional setting it covered an original “Attainment Target of the first Science National Curriculum”.
The book led to workshops with children at the Science Museums, in schools and a series of artists’ residencies at the Science and Industry Museum in Manchester, UK.

Painting competition was launched by Dillon’s, at the National Museum of Science and Industry in London; April to July 1993.

Murals by Zaqueline Souras, based on the book, a range of Planets, stars and other astronomical features produced a dramatic series of images which filled the staircase to the Museum’s Space Gallery, ‘ Out of this World’. May 1994 sponsored by Sir John Zochonis Charitable Trust.

Art work based on “Turbo and the Magic Meteorite” as well as the book have been shown at the European Space Agency (ESA) in Noordwijk, the Netherlnds December 1992 to May 1993.

Children’s Art work based on the book was placed on display at the Science and Industry Museum in London June-August 1993, then at the Science and Industry Museum in Manchester September 1993 – June 1994.

“Turbo’s visit insideEarth 1995 (English and Greek). Book.

Turbo and the Magic Meteorite was then translated into Greek and was published in Greek under the auspices of the Greek educational system, books were bought by the Greek educational Libraries throughout Greece.

It was then made into Television episodes for the BBC and in Greek for the the National Greek Television (ERT) 1996 – 1997.

Episodes were viewed by the passengers of the Olympic Airways in all European flights for a period of two years 1997 – 1999.

Turbo Arts Inc. was founded in 1997 with the motto ” touch the past, live the present and face the future”. Turbo Arts Inc. is organized exclusively for charitable, educational, religious or scientific purposes and is classified as a public benefit corporation.

The Goals of Turbo Arts Inc are:

To increase the availability of recreational and educational services to children and young adults.
To develop a positive educational, cultural and recreational outlet for children and young adults.
To increase community awareness to the needs of children and young adults.
To increase the community involvement in providing needed services to children and young adults.

The book was then made into a theatrical play for children “Turbo and the Planets” both in English (USA) and Greek 1998.

“Turbo saves planet Earth”. Four episodes were made under the auspices of the Greek Ministry of Education for Greek educational Television 2000-2001.

  • Water pollution.
  • Atmospheric pollution .
  • Rubbish.
  • The Hot-House effect.

Two episodes for Antenna TV based on Turbo’s space knowledge and Thucydides the historian (played by a puppet, a Turbo look alike); who gives the history behind the names of each planet and more 2001.

“Turbo’ Journey Back ” 2001 Greek. Book.

“Touching the Stars” a European production, space facts and narrated by Turbo 2002. English film.

“Turbo and the seven Mysteries of the Orthodox Church” Greek book. 2002.

In 2003 Turbo established the ‘ Chorochronos’ educational center, under the auspices of the ministry of education Greece.

The second book is also firmly based on the English National Curriculum and will support the History Curriculum at Key Stage 2 and 3, 8-13 years old. Turbo’s Magic Meteorite (Quabida) can take him through time as well as space. Turbo becomes a canine detective in Roman Britain, visiting 15 different Roman sites and learning much through his enquiries about the motives for the Roman invasion, day to day life, from food to sanitation, baths to religion and the reaction of different British tribes to Roman rule. The book builds on the experience of the first and was produced in consultation with the Educational Department at the Science and Industry Museum in Manchester, practicing teachers at Key Stage 2 and 3 and specialists in the history and archeology of Roman Britain. 2010.

“Turbo and the Olympic Games” . English and Greek 2011

“Turbo’s sketch book” 2011

“Turbo’s e la Meteorite Magica” Un avventura nello spazio Translated to Italian 2016 for the libraries of the world!

Turbo’s Trike 2016 a real tricycle for all ages

Educational programs for children of all ages. Art projects. Cartoons of Turbo and Quabida. Collaboration with SOTHIS therapy dogs.

Art/Music Video based on Turbo in Roman Britain.

Art /Music video based on Turbo and Quabida’s cartoon first story.

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