Jupiter and Io Part 2

jupiter2_2jupiter2_1Before him was the intensely colored Great Red Spot and the featureless white clouds. Brilliant against the jet sky were star like specks of light, some of the family of moons belonging to a planet as wide as 11 Earths.


Turbo gasped at himself. He was amazed with how much of the scene he recognized from the astronomy book. It was almost as if he’d been on a crash course.

jupiter_2_3He ambled towards the pattern of cloud. “Am I deranged?” he asked himself. There’s no point in trying to put one paw after another. I’m in space. There’s no gravity. “He allowed himself to float up and down the immense depth of hydrogen and helium of Jupiter’s clouds. Each different substance in the planet’s atmosphere condensed into clouds that displayed different colors.

Turbo snapped at the air. His eyes burnt. His nose twitched. The high clouds were obviously made of ammonia, frozen on Jupiter into icy crystals. Turbo growled from his diaphragm. The stench was overpowering.

“I’ll delve down deeper into the core of the planet” he jabbered to himself.



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